This year, the General Consulate of Mexico in Dallas will celebrate the Mexican Independence within the Culinary Summit of Mexican Cuisine: Mexico of 1000 Flavors, September 13 at SMU and September 14 and 15 at the Dallas Farmers Market . During this celebration, gastronomic, commercial, artistic, academic, cultural and entertainment activities will be developed. Personalities of traditional cuisine and Mexican haute cuisine will be present to participate in this unprecedented event that aims to collaborate in the rescue, safeguarding and promotion of Traditional Mexican Cuisine as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, as part of the Action Plan committed with UNESCO.


• Give continuity to support projects for traditional cooks as carriers of the Gastronomic Heritage of the country.
• Strengthen the development of Mexican cuisine abroad through educational actions, commercial expansion and promotion of the entire value chain that constitutes the national and regional gastronomic heritage.
• Introduce the traditional Mexican Market Food in the USA, as a fundamental part of Mexican cuisine.
• Celebrate a century of Tex-Mex food in the world, whose cradle and development is in the City of Dallas.
• Emphasize the unique relationship between Mexico and Texas.